Gothic planter


This ornate large octagonal planter incorporates a double quatrefoil panel design on each face. This popular planter creates the perfect focal point in a large, traditional garden. The colour and texture closely resembles natural Portland stone which encourages desirable and spontaneous growth of mosses and lichens which increases its value as it weathers and ages.

The Gothic can be used as a planter or as a focal feature. Also works well as a self-contained water feature (see our Fountains)

With the correct installation and maintenance, urns and planters can provide many years of enjoyment and tranquillity. Urns and planters that are to be used as plant beds need to have drainage holes. Please request at time of ordering. Please refer to our Maintenance & Installation page.

This item comes in two sections. It’s essential that your urn/planter is located on a firm and level area to suit site conditions and loadings, especially if sited on a pedestal. Appropriate fittings and materials to secure all sections must be used at all times. The most important considerations for frosty and winter months are installation, drainage, and water expansion. A smooth solid and level base should always be in place when installing urns and planters. Take care especially to ensure water logging is avoided at all times to avoid frost damage. Accumulating moisture can be very destructive if it freezes. As water turns to ice, the volume increases expanding horizontally which eventually causes cracking. We cannot accept responsibility for cracking or breakage if these instructions are ignored. Please refer to our Maintenance & Installation page.

These are very heavy items, hence lifting could cause injury. Never lift an item on your own that is more than you can physically and safely lift. Take extra care when handling each item as rolling the edges or leaning the edge of item and placing them down hard could cause damage.

All items are handmade to ordering the Weald of Kent, England. Subsequently, please refer to our Terms & Conditions page before placing your order.

Height: 67 cm

Rim width: 79 cm

Base diameter: 61 cm