Methods & Materials

Our product range is flexible and clients can choose to design their own bespoke garden ornaments by mixing and matching components from the whole WOS product range. Whether you are looking to compliment a grand estate or a smaller garden, we have many garden ornaments to suit. If you do not see a garden ornament on our website that you envisioned, please contact us for more bespoke options.

Beautiful cast stone garden ornaments, handmade in the Weald of Kent, England

The history of cast stone can be traced back to ancient Rome, when pozzolanic cement was used with natural aggregates, and often natural stone, and bricks from demolished buildings. 

This innovated the Romans to form a structural material, also known as opus caementicium, for use where quarried stone would previously have been used. The earliest known extensive use of cast stone dates from around 1138 and can be found in the medieval fortified city of Carcassonne, in France. Lintels resembling natural stone were cast from natural aggregates and lime-pozzolan cement and used in the repair of the walls of the fortified city.

We use these ancient semi-dry cast stone methods and fine quality limestone components, which resemble natural Portland stone in colour and open porous texture. The dry mixture is compacted by hand into a mould and once cured by natural means, the ornament is then released from its mould and further refined and finished by hand, using traditional stone masonry hand tools. The resulting porous texture allows for ideal conditions, in which lichens and mosses will rapidly establish, giving the ornament the much-desired patina appearance of an original weathered and aged antique. In the initial stages of curing and ageing, the phenomenon of efflorescence, or lime bloom, will occur but this is temporary and will disappear with time as the result of normal weathering

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Wealden Ornamental Stone pride ourselves in making some of the most beautiful and elegant dry cast stone garden ornaments, ranging from urns and planters to fountains and garden temples